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Toylapreneur is a Bangladesh based social startup, committed to fight public sanitation crisis of Bangladesh in every possible way. Toylapreneur's vision, mission and goals are also aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 and 6-B by United Nations.

Everyday In Bangladesh, millions of people struggle to find a public toilet when necessary. The problem is not limited to public spaces only. Any kind of public gathering starting from concerts, fairs, rallies to political/religious meetings, face the same issue, Lack of Toilets. Lot of people are urinating in open spaces and sidewalks due to a lack of public toilets around, polluting the city. 

We believe, there are two aspects to the public toilet crisis. Firstly, the scarcity of toilets and secondly, the quality of existing public toilets. Since dealing with the second issue is more of a local government responsibility, Toylapreneur primarily intends to work on the first issue.

To address the first issue, we need to build toilets at every key location of our cities. But, the process of building  public toilet at a key location is quite expensive, mainly due to high land cost and construction price. On. top, finding empty land at key locations is not easy.

To solve this issue, Toylapreneur believes our cities need to focus on portable toilet, that do not consume land permanently and are not too expensive to manufacture. Added benefit, they can be towed / driven to places, as per demand.

Currently, we are manufacturing portable toilet & shower units. We are also renting them out for daily and weekly events such as school program, weddings, religious gathering etc.  

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Our Vision 

By 2031, every city of Bangladesh will have sufficient number of clean, safe and user-friendly public toilets within walking distance. 

Our Mission

Design modular portable toilets that can be towed/ driven or installed anywhere.

Tanveer Rahman, Foundder- Toylapreneur is receiving startup incubator graduation certificate from Nobel Laureate Prof Dr. Md. Yunus

Toylapreneur went through the startup incubator program by YY Ventures in mid-2022. Photos showing Tanveer Rahman, Founder- Toylapreneur, attending bootcamp (right) and receiving graduation certificate (left) from Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Md. Yunus

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